Sunday, November 30, 2008

Episode 69: Combined Service

Attending Westwood Church is like seeing what COGS could be like in a few years. Today's service was held at Westwood School, with the various congregations coming together for combined worship. It's nice to see how a service can be adapted to engage the entire church, from young to old. (Clips from Evan Almighty were interspersed with the message.) That's something that I feel COGS should look into, appealing to different age groups. Wanted to go to Coventry after the service, but nobody seemed to be free, so I'm going on Wednesday instead, to buy stuff for people back home. Am now trying to finish up some of the junk food I've managed to accumulate in my room, since I really don't think it's wise to leave it lying around for a month while I'm gone. I'm also trying to get started on the weekly Chaucer translation. It's the final one! After this, it'll just be anything I choose to practice on my own, the actual tests in Spring and Summer Terms, and the examination in Summer Term. Can't wait to be rid of Middle English! Have zero motivation to start on the Gawain essay, even though I managed to get enough useful books from the Library. Am going to shop for people's Christmas presents on Amazon UK instead! Haha...

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