Monday, November 24, 2008

Episode 63: Merlin

While I was chatting with Alex before the EN123 lecture earlier, he reminded me that we have to finish incorporating our interview into a story for this week's seminar. I haven't written it! So now I'm watching yet another episode of Merlin, while blogging and trying to come up with an idea for the story. I'm thinking of framing the interview as the thoughts of a person suffering from dissociative identity disorder, which definitely gives it that weirdness that George Ttoouli was asking us to find. Now I just need to write two pages before going to bed, as well as rewriting the introduction for my EN122 essay. At least I finished my Chaucer translation this afternoon, or else I'd be really stressed right now. Anyway, I've been watching episodes of Merlin since I woke up. I discovered the series quite by accident, while looking for episodes of other shows that I watch. It's quite interesting because it takes the Arthurian legends and rewrites them afresh, e.g. the primary sexual tension appears to be between Arthur and Morgana, who is not portrayed as antagonistic to the court of Camelot, and incidentally, has Guinevere for a maidservant. Merlin, for that matter, is but a young warlock, just coming into his power. Did I mention he's also Arthur's manservant? It'll be interesting to see how the series plays out, but it has to get renewed first! British television shows always have less episodes than American ones, which is a case of quality over quantity, I guess, but not very satisfying for fans like myself. Oh well. It's back to the writing for me...

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