Friday, November 07, 2008

Episode 46: Prioritise? What's That?

Wasted the entire day (and night) trying to figure out how to convert my Christian George and Dangerous Muse downloads from Napster into something that can be played on my iPod. Finally managed this with Tunebite, but really, this has been an utterly stupid use of my time. It's a good thing that my EN123 essay isn't due on Monday together with the EN124 portfolio, or I might as well declare myself royally screwed right now. Recently, I bought a couple of tracks off iTunes that didn't have DRM, all by KJ, who's one of those singers who seem to be perpetually on the verge of releasing a debut album, but really seem to be selling their pretty-boy faces more than the music. I listen to KJ's music, however, because it's pretty dancefloor-friendly, even before being remixed, which is the way I like my pop music these days. Think Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad album. Anyway, it's been almost an entire day of labour, and very little to show for it. Certainly nothing that's going to help me ace EN124! Guess I'll just go to sleep and worry about it all another day...

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