Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Episode 50: First Essay Returned

I got my 'Howl' essay back, for which I scored a low First grade range. Am very pleased about that, but now feel pressured to repeat it with my Eliot essay. I'm hoping that my portfolio will get a First too, especially since it's actually assessed, unlike the 'Howl' and Eliot essays. For the next piece of unassessed EN122 work, Adam Putz said we could, on a case by case basis, double the length of our first unassessed essay. I'm seriously considering that, since I quite like what I've written so far and think that there is potential to elaborate further on it, especially in terms of picking out further bits of the poem for close reading. I do need to read some of the other poems that I mention in passing in the introduction though, since it may help to strengthen the case for 'Howl' as a vision of hell. I'm thinking of Rimbaud particularly, since the Blake, Dante and Milton poems are much too long for my purposes, although perhaps dipping into them to pick out stylistic features might help too. Will think about it once I'm done with the Eliot essay, for which I have a vague idea of the thesis statement, but no concrete path from introduction to conclusion as yet. In other news, the Sennheiser earphones are good, and my Amazon UK situation has sorted itself out.

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