Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Episode 57: Spyski!

I'm so behind on my reading, it's not even funny anymore. At least Adam Putz says I'm on the right track for expanding my 'Howl' essay. Auditions today went so much better! More people showed up, including Maria, which was great. Anyway, I'm so out of practice when it comes to drinking alcohol! I had slightly more than two glasses of white wine after Spyski!, and I was totally focusing on walking straight on my way back from the Arts Centre. Am going for a pub crawl on Thursday with the other STARs, so hopefully I don't wind up too wasted. Spyski! was awesome by the way! Everyone should totally go and see it. It helps if you've at least read The Importance Of Being Earnest, since that way you'll see some of the connections, but really, Spyski! is just plain good fun. It's hard to summarise what went on, but really, go catch it. I promise you won't regret it! As my Facebook status says, if you don't laugh, your funny bone's missing! It was great fun chatting with the other STARs after the play too, so I'm really glad I decided to go for the social on Thursday because I think it's going to be great fun. Not that I don't have fun hanging out with Singaporeans, but I think I really need to make a conscious effort to get to know more people outside of my usual comfort zone, and this seems to be one of the best places for it, simply because we all share a common interest in arts stuff. So yeah, I guess I'm just really glad that I'm a STAR because of that, quite aside from the free tickets and drinks.

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Catherine said...

Awww so glad u enjoyed yourself!!

You're blog's really interesting, wish I'd thought of domethin something like this last year.

In future, would you like to be a contributor for the ARTiculate blog? its blogs.warwick.ac.uk/warwickartscentre

Any posts with thoughts, comments or reviews roughly related to the Arts Centre would be great!