Monday, November 03, 2008

Episode 42: No Internet!

It's starting to dawn on me just how much reading I've got to get done this week. I'm not even bothering to get caught up on the readings that I've missed over the past weeks, just reading for Week 7. So you'd think that without the Internet, I'd actually get more reading done, but no, that's not happening at all. My Internet access has been cut off since Sunday! There was a half-hour this afternoon when it was back up, but just as suddenly, it was down once again. Quite annoying for a Facebook addict like me. So since I couldn't surf, I ended up catching up on Ghost Whisperer. I've realised that I haven't seen quite a lot of Season 3 actually, as for some reason or other, we stopped recording it. Audrey ended up watching it all online, but the videos she was streaming were really tiny, so I didn't bother watching them together with her. Am hoping that the Internet issue will be resolved by tomorrow morning. You know, sort of an overnight miracle. I even went so far as to buy a new Ethernet cable this afternoon, just to eliminate it as the source of the problem, but it seems that it's really Warwick's campus network that's gone crazy. Since 27 October, to be exact. Sigh. At least I had a nice dinner at Stephanie's surprise birthday party, so the day wasn't entirely crummy. Lots of local food, including Wayne's attempt at making laksa, which was pretty decent, if a little dry. When I get back to Singapore, I'm going to binge on local food for a week!

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