Sunday, November 09, 2008

Episode 48: The Start Of A Very Bad Week

This morning, by Philips earphones died on me. Or to be precise, the left side died. I ended up ordering Sennheiser earphones off Amazon UK, which should arrive together with my books on Tuesday. I won't be able to collect them, unless I walk all the way back after the EN121 lecture and collect them before heading to the EN122 seminar. Either that, or I could wake up extra early on Tuesday. At least service was okay. Tom sang two of my favourite songs, Forever and Blessed Be Your Name! Headed back to my room after service to order the earphones, and then I went to Tesco to grab food. Being the lazy person that I am, I have not bought groceries and thus have absolutely no motivation to cook, despite having all the necessary kitchen implements. Since I got back, I've been stuck here trying to churn out poems for my portfolio, with little success. I did manage a series of haiku, which I think are quite decent, and I (pretentiously) reformatted one of the pieces that I originally didn't want to include because I was getting desperate. (That and I can now claim that reading E. E. Cummings inspired me!) I'm now writing a villanelle, which I'm going to claim is influenced by Philip Larkin. I'm terrible, just throwing out random poets whom I've read before as influences and inspiration. Have not done any reading for Week 7, although there is still time to get through Kafka's stories, assuming I finish the essay. I think I will resort to reading the opening and closing chapters of Absolute Beginners, so that I have something to say during Adam's seminar on Tuesday. As for my French homework, I think I'm just going to say I couldn't print it out and that I'll e-mail it, and then go back and write it out, since by then the EN123 essay will be a thing of the past. Sneaky, but it really can't be helped at this point. Sigh. I need a better work ethic next term...

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