Thursday, December 03, 2009

Episode 437: Monster Pizzas

Wrestled the terza rima into submission when it was close to 3 am, hence getting only half the amount of sleep that I should have. Bad times. Managed to survive through two seminars and one lecture, although I was struggling during the lecture on John Clare, which was less interesting than expected, considering the lecturer was Jonathan Bate. Stuck around in school because my handphone conveniently reminded me that I had to do an interview with the publicity people for the musical. Did that and got home, feeling completely knackered, but still having a cluster meeting to go to. Thankfully, Liam's place is just down the road from mine, and huge pizzas were awesome! See here for details. Great idea if you ever need to cater for a huge party. Have just got back home, and am updating the various blogs with my latest work. Managed to finish the 600-word piece using the Swadesh list while waiting for the interview, so that was an afternoon spent in productive work. Not sure about the story itself, but for something that I really didn't want to do, I think it's turned out adequately.

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