Saturday, December 19, 2009

Episode 453: Can I Still Write A Vampire TV Series?

Have decided to finish off the last Baricco novel I've got, City. I'm fairly confident it's about as anti-narrative as you can get without actually being anti-narrative. Won't be able to finish it today because it's a bit lengthier than his other works that I've been reading lately. Anyway, if it wasn't official before, the vampire pop culture craze is officially too self-referential for its own good. After having The Vampire Diaries slag off Twilight and its glittering pretty boys, which earned its major points from me, now science fiction series Sanctuary, whose vampirism has always been a sort of understated but central piece of its plot, has premiered an episode in which True Blood and, get this, Obama are explicitly referenced. Where will it all end? Crossover arcs between all shows with vampires in them? Let's just throw in Anne Rice's novels, the Blade and Underworld trilogies while we're at it. You're right, Laura, I can't write a TV series about vampires. I'm too late. Utterly devastated now. Although, what about a Gossip Girl-style show? Snarky vampires living it up in a glamorous city? Twilight hasn't got enough snark; The Vampire Diaries and True Blood aren't set in the most exciting of cities. Looks like there's hope for me after all...

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