Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Episode 464: A Good Day To Be Alive

What a day! First up, my iPod Classic has arrived, and it turns out that it's thinner than my U2 iPod, which really surprised me. I'm just waiting for the Ted Baker leather case I ordered off Amazon UK to arrive before I start using this new iPod. Can't wait! Then my Christopher Priest books and Logitech speakers arrived, delivered by someone who had driven all the way from Leamington and was thus somewhat annoyed that I'd taken a few seconds too long to answer the door. You're getting cross with me because you drove all the way from Leamington when it's your job to deliver the parcel to me? Are you serious? Whatever. I've realised that I'm missing the adapter tray that's meant to be used with iPods, as whoever packed this set of speakers decided to put in two iPod nano trays instead. I could send it all back to Amazon for an exchange, but part of me honestly doesn't think it's worth the trouble. Not when I'm hardly going to use that function. I mean, I bought the speakers to plug them into my laptop, from which I can play music just fine as well. Am going to return one of the Priest books though, as it's too badly creased for something that's meant to be brand new. I blame whoever packaged this parcel, since there was practically no sort of padding in the box apart from a few crumpled pieces of paper. Normally, you'd expect the whole thing to be filled with bubble wrap. Has the recession hit Amazon that badly? The last parcel to arrive was filled with my stuff from Diesel. The jeans did not disappoint, and the two pairs of trainers are definitely a steal at the price that I paid, which was about a third of their original retail price. I foresee a lot of heartache when I wear the white pair, as they'll surely get dirty the moment I step out of the house. Finally, to top off an epic day, I did a little bit of work and wrote another poem. This time, less of a straightforward imitation and more of an artistic homage, I like to think.

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