Sunday, December 06, 2009

Episode 440: Christmas Dinner At Millsy's

Did a lot of singing today. Started off in church, backing up Matt with Bex. Second time around, and it's still fun. Had to dash off after the service to view houses in Leamington, but I think the most exciting part of the afternoon was visiting the milkshake bar with 100 flavours, right next to a sweet shop full of enough candy to make you feel slightly ill just looking at it. Chalk that up as one more reason I'm glad to be moving to Leamington next year. Managed to get back home and then to Millsy's in time for a quick carolling practice before the dinner proper. The food was pretty average, and less plentiful than I thought it would be, but it's not like I left feeling hungry. I guess I'm still kind of tired because I left pretty early. Needed to start (and finish) the poem for tomorrow's seminar anyway. (No progress so far!) I did discover that I cannot detect the taste of vodka in Smirnoff Ice, which means there's one more alcopop I can happily ingest. Planning on singing 'O Holy Night' for another carolling session on Tuesday. Hopefully, I won't screw up.

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