Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Episode 443: Christmas Market Redux!

Was supposed to head down to church to do more administrative work, but the electrician's in today apparently, so Sarah told me not to come in. Within minutes of seeing her SMS, I decided that I would head down to the Christmas market in Birmingham again, to get some presents for people back in Singapore. Was pretty efficient, figuring out what I wanted to get after one complete circuit of the market. Would have stayed around longer, but I had to get back for cell dinner anyway. I did stop by the huge Waterstone's on New Street, the interior of which is quite impressive. Couldn't find a clearance section though, so ended up not buying anything, despite being tempted several times. The thing that most surprised me about my spontaneous trip was how little it cost, scarcely more than £2 for a return ticket. When you consider how that's actually less than it costs to get a return bus ticket in Coventry, it makes you wonder what exactly is wrong with public transport in this part of England. Ran into some people on the bus who were headed to the film screening organised by Dan, but cell on Wednesday is kind of a prior long-term commitment, so I had to pass. Managed to spend some time in the Library after the dinner getting some reading done though, so that was good at least.

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