Sunday, December 27, 2009

Episode 461: Banished To Coventry Once More

Train back to Heathrow took way longer than it should have, but the coach ended up being slightly delayed anyway. Had to make do with sandwiches for lunch instead of the fast food that I always seem to crave when I'm in London. Should've detoured to that McDonald's outside Shepherd's Bush before boarding the Tube yesterday! So here I am, back in Coventry, where the weather feels abysmal even though I've missed the snow (for now). The only thing that keeps me cheerful is the thought of all the books and electronic goodness coming my way over the next week or so. I really hope the speakers are good this time. I have high hopes as they are from Logitech, and are proper full-sized speakers. Have begun work, sort of. Re-read most of the handouts for EN232 on the ride back from London. Am resisting temptation to turn out a portfolio that essentially reproduces endless imitations of that Daniil Kharms story I liked so much. Not saying that I won't include it, or something similar, but it would be very boring if that was all the portfolio consisted of. Am also considering reusing the character of Henrietta. I've already written two stories featuring her, and I think I've got a pretty good grasp of what's going on in her head, so that could go to interesting places. Then there's part of me that just wants to be boldly experimental and do a House Of Leaves, except in 4000 words. It would have to be very, very brilliantly executed though...

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