Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Episode 442: Practice Of Poetry Party

Have a new episode of Gossip Girl waiting for me, so this post is going to be quick. Got back results for last week's French test, which were epic. 90% overall! Clearly, this module is going to be one of my cleverer academic decisions if I keep this up. Annoyingly, hindsight has shown me that I could in fact have posted a perfect score on this test, which would have been ridiculously awesome. I secretly hope that I was the highest scorer in class, although if that actually turned out to be true, I'm sure it's entirely because I have a knack for not recopying the text's vocabulary in the comprehension section, which really seems to be the aspect of the test that differentiates people's abilities. All in all, a very good way to end off the first term of LL209. Now I just need to work harder on my spoken French and this module is totally in the bag. The tutor just randomly commented today that I was right to make the liaisons in my pronunciations. I say randomly, as at least one of them, 'pas encore', is the kind of thing that I thought people would be used to doing, since the phrase is quite basic. Maybe after I do my presentation next term, she'll compliment my accent? Did some carolling at an old folks' home, and sang 'O Holy Night' solo. That didn't go horribly, although it could've been better. Bad throat! On a different note, would love to hear people doing versions of carols out of Michael P. Spradlin's It's Beginning To Look Like Zombies!: A Book Of Zombie Christmas Carols. Rounded off the day by writing an abcderian poem (that I quite like now after having revised it a little, as its speaker has one of those distinct voices that tend to crop up in some of my work) and a dirty limerick during the Practice of Poetry party, in between wine and nibbles. Now to be equally disciplined during the Christmas break...

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