Sunday, December 13, 2009

Episode 447: Still Horribly Sleepy...

Am still really sleepy, but I also really want to watch the latest double episodes of Dollhouse! Appear to be succeeding with my one-book-a-day goal, since I'm just about to finish reading Sarah Kane's Complete Plays. They are intensely brutal and punishing, but at the same time, also beautifully poetic. I like how some of the stage directions would clearly be impossible to achieve in a strictly naturalistic staging, and it really makes me want to see the plays, just to know how the directors handle these. Can't remember if I've ever talked to Bella about Kane's work before, but I think it's a discussion that I should remind myself to have at some point. Have also been reading This Book Will Change Your Life, which is a sort of compilation of the best moments from the past six years of This Diary Will Change Your Life. It's wacky and downright insane in some parts, but a whole lot of fun to read. I imagine some people might even actually do the things recommended in the book. I know some of my friends definitely would. I read another book from Benrik before flying back, Lose Weight! Get Laid! Find God!, which basically takes the diaries' philosophy and applies it to a year-by-year guide for living, from ages 0 to 100. Once again, completely bonkers, but hilarious too.

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