Friday, December 25, 2009

Episode 459: Merry Christmas!

Since it's Christmas, I decided to do something really useful and catch up Piled Higher & Deeper, a webcomic that's been helping me survive academic life by procrastinating, although I'm not even a graduate student yet. So that's one more webcomic that I'm completely up-to-date on! Reading it kind of makes you despair of ever making progress in the world of academia though. Just a little. Especially since I'm a Humanities major. Nearly stayed up till midnight to read 'The Tain', but I gave up with about 20 pages to go and have yet to get back to it today, due to aforementioned browsing of webcomics. Will do it after I finish watching the new Doctor Who special, which I'm really excited about. The Ood still creep me out horribly though. Also, I'm not sure what Series 5 is going to be like, given that this final pair of specials seems to be tying all the threads of the past four together into one big emotional climax. I suppose fans of Doctor Who are just going to have to keep an open mind, even if David Tennant was an awesome Doctor with a wardrobe I would kill for. Speaking of which, I'm hoping to pick up some stuff tomorrow, if I can survive squeezing through the Boxing Day crowds. Will have to restrain myself, as I've just bought another load of books and am also planning for a tour of the USA during Easter vacation. Now that is exciting.

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