Thursday, December 10, 2009

Episode 444: SG Buzz With Dennis Foo

Overslept this morning, but managed to get ready in record time, so I still made it to my 9 am seminar with David Morley. Or rather, with Tom Cornford. His session was definitely out of my comfort zone, but the points he was making were valid and worth thinking about in relation to my self-perceived inability to write sustained, lengthy prose. The Hemans and Landon readings for EN227 this week were a refreshing change, but still not the sort of poetry I would normally pick up. I strongly suspect I'll like the Victorian half of the module better than the Romantic half, and quite probably for all the wrong reasons as well. Skipped the last Varsity of term for the SG Buzz event, although if that hadn't ended so late, I probably would have made it to the pub for a drink or two. It was really cool to meet Mr Dennis Foo though, and chat with him about stuff. In all likelihood, this is probably the closest brush with the entertainment industry that I'll ever have in my life. He struck me as a very down-to-earth man, despite his success today. The Asian food buffet also tasted remarkably authentic, so everyone happily stuffed themselves, myself included. I might be going back in a day, but there's definitely no such thing as having too much spicy food in one's life. Haha!

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