Saturday, December 05, 2009

Episode 439: Hunting For Houses

Have started the search for houses in Leamington! We only actually saw one today, but we're going again tomorrow when all of us will be there. Have had a total of 10 hours of sleep over the past two days, so I'm going to turn in early instead of going to the Rev concert at church. That and take a taxi to church again for band practice, just so that I can wake up later. (Walking there would basically triple my journey time and require me to wake up at least half an hour earlier!) My camera's not working again, but I didn't drop it. The batteries died while I was switching the camera on, so now the lens mechanism is apparently out of alignment. It shouldn't cost more than $60 to fix once I get back to Singapore, if the Canon website is to be believed. I'm just annoyed and frustrated that the problem is, to me anyway, basically a design flaw in Canon's product. Guess I'll be using my N95 to take pictures at tomorrow's Christmas dinner. Finally, a situation I can use to prove to my dad the necessity of having a handphone with a good camera! Have also repacked my suitcase, putting in the sleeping bag and leaving all the papers for my carry-on bag instead, since I couldn't find a way of getting the sleeping bag to Eugene's place before my flight back to Singapore. The papers, consisting of almost all my stuff from first year, are pretty heavy, so not really looking forward to lugging them about. On the plus side, my suitcase when I'm coming back is only going to be as heavy as I choose to make it, i.e. it depends on how many books I decide to bring over.

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