Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Episode 449: The Dilemma Of The Bibliophile

Didn't manage to finish reading a book today, said book being Baricco's Ocean Sea. It is a dreamy work, behind whose plot lurks a palpable pattern, but the purpose of said pattern is as yet unclarified. There is definitely something going on with typography in this novel, whose paragraphs frequently flow across curious indentations, like a series of waves. Meanwhile, I'm still reading The Secret History, although that's definitely going to take longer than I thought. Really want to finish it though, since that's the whole reason I brought it back with me to Singapore. Am thinking of going to Borders tomorrow, and may end up bringing some of the books I buy back to England, so it's imperative I don't get tempted to bring any back that I'd intended to leave here. The dilemmas of a bibliophile. Caught up with the most recent episodes of Lie To Me and then tried to watch a new miniseries, Alice, but after about 20 minutes, I elected to do this some other time. I'm sure the miniseries is an interesting couple of hours, but I just wasn't feeling it so far and couldn't be bothered to stay up late this time. I guess the science fiction elements didn't kick in quickly enough for me and the cast at first glance wasn't devastatingly attractive, so this one's going on the back burner for now.

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