Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Episode 463: Travel Plans (Temporarily) Shelved

Have finally started on my work by doing an imitation of Sharon Olds's 'The Unborn'. Was going to carry on with something in the vein of either Thom Gunn or Philip Larkin, but as I can't make up my mind, I'm putting it off till tomorrow. Will probably end up going with Larkin, even though I like Gunn's poetry better. Went onto campus this afternoon to help Mel return books to the Library, and then I hit Iceland and Tesco to stock up on food. I believe that I've bought enough to feed myself until the end of the holidays, and possibly beyond. Bought some creamy coleslaw from Tesco to try it out, which was an ill-advised decision, as the whole thing tastes too sour for my liking. Forced myself to eat half of it at dinner. Will do so again at lunch tomorrow, but it'll have to be accompanied by more palatable fare. As for Easter travel plans, I'm beginning to reconsider if the USA is really such a good choice, in light of the new security measures that have recently been put in place after the latest failed attempt to blow up an aeroplane. Although word is that these measures are now being relaxed, I'm not going to firm up any plans until I know for sure what the situation is like. No way am I paying that kind of money to fly across the Atlantic just to be treated like a potential terrorist while in the air. It already ticks me off that the immigration people at Heathrow always talk to me like I'm some suspicious character, even when all I'm doing is telling them that I'm a university student. Some people really need to lose the attitude.

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