Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Episode 435: Everyone, Go Listen To The Shures!

I can't believe I forgot the word 'debrouillardise' in the French test today. If I'd only remembered, I'm pretty sure my score for the grammar section would have been perfect. (The grammar and reading comprehension sections were handed out separately, so we had 45 minutes for the former, and we could hand it in as soon as we were done and get started on the comprehension.) The only reason it's bothering me so much is because we did come across this word in class! Ah well. Came home and waited for a delivery that never arrived. Thanks, City Link. The one time I am available to sign for a parcel, and you decide not to deliver it promptly. Spent the time waiting writing new dialogue for the musical, which is now done and sent off to Bella. Should really begin on my 91-line terza rima, but am not enamoured of the form, hence procrastination. On a different note, have been replaying The Shures covers of Britney Spears's '3' and Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' for the past few days, ever since I saw the YouTube videos on Bernard's LJ. They've actually given musical depth to those songs, which is pretty amazing. I possibly even like their 'Bad Romance' cover better than the original! So everyone, head over to YouTube and check them out.

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