Saturday, December 26, 2009

Episode 460: Boxing Day Sales

Went to Oxford Circus with Derrick to have a look at the Boxing Day sales. Surprisingly, I didn't buy much. Just two more Topman t-shirts (because they were green) and a new wallet (because my old one has a split seam I never bothered to sew). Need to be more prudent with my expenditure if I'm going to make that trip to the USA. Travel agent has replied to my e-mail inquiry, so I'm literally an e-mail away from being headed across the Atlantic come Easter vacation. Have until the end of January to book if I want a 5% discount, which I obviously do! Shall ask my parents what they think before committing. Attraction of the tour is that everything's taken care of, and STA Travel is reputable enough that I trust them to handle things, even in the UK. I mean, even the tickets to fly there and back can be booked through them at the same time, and all I have to do is cough up the money. (£100 deposit for the tour, remainder payable by February.) Tempting, isn't it? Especially since I'm not operating on the tightest of budgets at the moment, and the itinerary of the tour pretty much fulfils my objective of seeing as much of the USA in as little time as possible. There are very few places in the world that I actually want to visit, let alone within the USA in particular. Said tour has a minimum of one full day in most of them, and terminates in New York, where I may linger on a few more days, depending on whether anyone offers to let me crash at their place.

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Camilla said...

Hey Ian,

Camilla here from STA travelbuzz. Excited for your trip? More and more people are hitting the US these days, definitely a popular one :)

I just wanted to get in touch as I'd love to talk to you about becoming an STA Explorer. You can check out the site to see what it's all about, but if you want to chat more then drop me an email at :)

I look forward to hearing from you!