Monday, December 28, 2009

Episode 462: Am I Developing Healthy Sleeping Patterns At Last?

Woke up really early today, before it was even 8 am. Have been online practically the entire time since, except for a brief span when I was making lunch. Did have more food in the house than I'd remembered, but will still be heading to Cannon Park tomorrow to stock up, after I return Mel's books. Had meant to do work today, which is still a possibility at this point, although I think I'm just going to spend the time reading, once I finish watching Stardust. Claire Dane's lines in it are actually pretty funny. Have already decided that my first poem of 21 is going to be a straightforward imitation, probably of something by Sharon Olds. Have done the substitution thing once before, on Carol Ann Duffy's 'Valentine', which was a class exercise Mr Purvis set. I re-read my effort today, and while I can see some interesting images, some parts don't quite gel together once I think of the poem as a logical whole. Will have to do better this time. By which I mean tomorrow evening, of course. Discovered a new boyband today. They're called Vice, and their first single, 'Bounce', is just unconventional enough for a boyband debut to interest me. Less formulaic than V Factory's 'Love Struck', that's for sure.

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