Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Episode 1136: Why Is No One Signing Up?

Earphones finally arrived today! It's so crippling not being able to listen to music whenever I want to. Picked them up after having coffee with Angela, Lucy, Maria and Tory, along with a couple more books. Finally got enough credit to redeem a £10 Amazon UK voucher from Valued Opinions, so I promptly bought a few more books of poetry. Am now busy trying to find titles and graphics for next term's WSC publicity booklet. Already signed up for another week because the take-up this term has been especially slow, with half the slots still unspoken for. If no one else signs up by Friday, I'm going to put myself down for another graphics slot or two. Kind of my job really, as the Graphics Co-ordinator. It's just not ideal timing, given that the Research Methods assessments are due on the same date! While those shouldn't take long either, to be honest, I'd prefer not to have to juggle them, that's all. Guess I could do the second part of the assessment, which consists of searching various databases for things I don't care to know for the sake of demonstrating to the department that I can do a search. Frankly, this whole Research Methods module is a bit of a joke, if you ask me.

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