Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Episode 1135: Get Coury Palermo's New Album!

Coury Palermo's new album the broken way we love was released today, which you can get in digital here. Palermo's one of those singers whose voice I am actually in love with, mainly because it's like an instrument unto itself, making even his acoustic songs pretty amazing listening. First came across him when he did vocals on a couple of Sleepthief songs (another great artiste), and I've been following his stuff since. Bought and downloaded the album in the afternoon, but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet because I decided to go to the Singapore Society General Meeting. For the pizza. Well, and to vote for Freshers' Rep, even though the role has no relation to me as someone already in my fourth year at Warwick. Swung by the Library to swap Alvin Plantinga's The Nature Of Necessity for Neil Lazarus's The Postcolonial Unconscious. Had borrowed the former a couple of days ago to read his solution to the problem of evil, but it was pretty technical, and while I'd like to come to grips with it intellectually, I also needed Neil's book for my dissertation research.

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