Thursday, November 03, 2011

Episode 1137: I'm Cited On Amazon UK!

Okay, a couple more people have signed up to do graphics, with hopefully more to follow tomorrow, so maybe I won't have to do half a term's worth by myself after all! I've still got a story to write for Tuesday's EN978 seminar, but the idea I originally had has completely vanished from my mind, so I'm stuck. Tempted to write a continuation of my story from the last time, but I'm somewhat reluctant to expand the story forward in time without having fleshed out the existing material, which is what I'm intending to do for my portfolio submission. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow with an idea? I definitely want to try and shape another dystopian world, just because I think that sort of writing plays to my strengths, and it's fairly easy to age a story like that up or down as required. Whereas I know that if I were to write about something closer to real life, I'd constantly be asking myself whether I was bringing anything new to the table. I know we've been told that we shouldn't feel when writing for children that common themes/stories can't be told again, but I guess they're just not the kind of stories I see myself telling. Anyway, I randomly came across (i.e. in the course of Googling myself) a book listed on Amazon UK that quotes a review I did for Sabotage Reviews a while ago of the Lazy Gramophone site. It's just a one-liner blurb under the Review section, but I still think it's pretty cool.

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