Friday, November 04, 2011

Episode 1138: Magazine Spree!

Am writing my story for next Tuesday now. Thought Lucy had randomly decided it was her turn to be workshopped this week when she sent something out in the early afternoon, but it turns out she probably just sent something meant for another module to our mailing list instead. The story's definitely set in the same world as the one I submitted to be workshopped the last time, and it's intended to expand the in-story universe considerably, at least for something that clocks in at around 1000 words. I'll find out whether I've pulled it off at the seminar! If people like this second piece, or at least can see how it could be changed to fit with the first story, I might have the makings of a novella, as I think within six pages, I've set up enough material to work with that I could easily complete my portfolio for assessment just by fleshing out the storyline and moving it on. Quite pleased! I've also been on a bit of a literary magazine spree lately. The three issues of The White Review I ordered a while ago have arrived, and today, I ordered the issues of Anon that are still in stock, as well as the latest issue of Cake, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in all this new writing. Also bought a couple of Threadless tees again, and discovered to my annoyance that some of the tees in my previous order have now had their prices slashed. I swear this always happens to me!

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