Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Episode 1150: Diversion

Since I don't have Introduction to Research Methods on Wednesdays anymore, I stuck around in church longer than usual to do Kidz Klub administrative stuff. Went to the second session of Arts Faculty Seminar Series, where Claire and Vedita gave two really interesting papers. I also picked up four pamphlets from Claire that are published by The Knives Forks and Spoons Press. Having had a browse through everything that she brought, I'm fascinated and impressed by the variety of poetry that Alec Newman at the press chooses to publish. I'm going to spread my reviews of those out over the rest of the year, basically keep me occupied while I'm back home in December. Anyway, so I was originally going to the Peter Forbes lecture at 6 pm in the Zeeman Building, but then I ended up staying at the session longer than I'd planned to. Then I decided I'd go to see Schrödinger at the Arts Centre at 7.45 pm, since it was the last evening it was being performed and I'd been thinking of seeing it since last month. Ended up in Varsity having dinner with all the PhD students instead, which was unexpected, but nice. I mean, the people I chatted to were all really friendly, and in a way, I kind of liked being around people I hadn't been around for three years of undergraduate life. Of course, I love you all to bits, you know who you are, but it was just refreshing to be meeting new people in a social context, I guess. So I'm glad I didn't go to see the play after all!

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