Sunday, November 20, 2011

Episode 1154: Two Reviews In Three Days!

Have just finished my review of Martin Pond's short story collection, Dark Steps. First came across his work when I reviewed Unthank Books' Unthology No. 1, and his story in that was really good. The collection is more uneven, although none of the stories were bad, just more predictable than I would have liked. I was really disciplined with this review, by the way. I had free time before church, so I made myself finish reading the PDF (less than 40 pages so it didn't take too long), and then I came home right after service ended to write the review. (Would have taken less time if I hadn't kept stopping to watch another episode of How I Met Your Mother! I'm at the point where Jennifer Morrison's character shows up in the plot. I like her a lot better here than towards the end of her House stint, although I also love her now in Once Upon A Time.) Don't have to deliver another review for the next couple of weeks or so, unless Craig lets me know he wants the review of John Kinsella's Armour soon. The pamphlets from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, I'm keeping for review at the end of term and during the Christmas break, with maybe one for January.


teaman said...

where can I read the review?

Ian said...

They aren't up yet. I'll post links in another post when they are.