Monday, November 14, 2011

Episode 1148: Seriously, NBC?

Just heard that NBC has benched Community for its mid-season schedule. Probably means it's going to be cancelled, assuming it even returns to the schedule eventually to finish off the current season. Shameful but inevitable consequence of the severe dumbing down of network television in the USA. This might be premature, but Greendale, you will be missed. Have just one more reading to go for tomorrow, so I might stay up to finish it, or I might just cut myself some slack and go to bed. Would've finished if I hadn't gone to the Theology Reading Group and/or caught up on today's quote of TV, but both activities were enjoyable, and I refuse to believe everyone in the seminar tomorrow will have read everything anyway. Having read all this stuff though, including Neil Lazarus's defence of Fredric Jameson in The Postcolonial Unconscious, I kind of wish I'll get reassigned to him for my dissertation. It's more likely that I'll be reassigned to Ross Forman though, since Neil is already supervising a few other people this year, which I'm sure would work out fine too. It's just that I already know Neil would be sympathetic to the way of reading the Merlion poems that I'm proposing in my dissertation, whereas I'm not sure it necessarily aligns with Ross's specific areas of interest within postcolonial studies. (Basically, I wish John Fletcher would just reply to my reply to his e-mail, where he asked me for something the department already holds a hard copy of, i.e. my proposed topic.)

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