Monday, November 07, 2011

Episode 1141: Scheduling Drama...

Eunoia Review just got listed by NewPages, although it's been placed under 'a list of hybrid and experimental online literary endeavors that do not adhere to traditional models (magazines, publishers, booksellers), but that still meet a number of other criteria for recommendation here'. I guess what's experimental about Eunoia Review is the absence of discrete issues, since something new goes up on the site every 12 hours. Regardless, it's nice to get a bit more exposure, hopefully. Lots of drama today with previously accepted submissions, so I've had to rejig the queue several times. Very pleased to have been able to accept more poems by Ben Parker though, who's one of my favourite poets whom I've accepted in the year that I've been running the journal. Another's Nicholas Y. B. Wong, a Hong Kong poet whose first collection is forthcoming. (Okay, I just listened to him read his poem at PANK Magazine. Slightly disillusioned now. Haha!) Anyway, when I was leaving the Library earlier to head to band practice in church, the girl in front of me at the gantries tapped her card and missed the sensor without realising it. Understandably frustrated when the gantry equally understandably didn't open, she slammed her card down again, this time actually tapping the sensor. Not meaning to stereotype, but yes, she was blonde.

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