Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Episode 1143: Gusto Has Amazingly Camp Wait Staff

Argh! I forgot to check the settings in Photoshop when I was converting all my graphics from JPEG to TIFF, so almost all of them have been saved at 72 dpi rather 300 dpi, the latter being what we need for the publicity booklet. Have been trying to connect using the remote desktop to correct this, but I keep getting booted off when someone else logs on. So I'm just going to continue watching my fill of TV while I wait for the machine to become available. Had lunch with Angela, Louise, Maria and Tory at Gusto Over & Bar, the new restaurant that's replaced EAT in the Arts Centre. Don't think I've ever met wait staff that are quite so camp before! I'd never been to the place when it was still EAT, but this rebranding seems to have gone down well, as the place was bustling at lunchtime. Mostly older people, to be fair, as the prices are a little higher than at other SU outlets and less likely to attract students. (We'd only gone because we wanted to check it out.) I'd say it felt like greater value for money than those places though, and Gusto have a no-tipping policy and no service charge. (Don't the higher prices go some way to making up for that though?) All in all, definitely a place I'd visit again.

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