Sunday, November 13, 2011

Episode 1147: One More Article? (Or Two)

Goal accomplished! I've finished reading Caged: Memoirs Of A Cage-Fighting Poet and the remaining issues of Popshot Magazine. So when the issues of Anon arrive, I can get cracking on them. (I've also got three issues of The White Review to look at, but those are a bit heftier, so I might save them for the Christmas vacation.) Only way this could be better would be if I'd read another article or two for Tuesday's seminar as well, although I might stay up to do that. The first's only 23 pages, so I guess that's manageable, and then the second's another 14, so it feels like I should do this, since I don't have to get up early tomorrow (and therefore can afford to go to bed a bit later). I'm actually quite pleased with how easy it's been to fall into the discipline of reading something everyday, as opposed to thinking about doing so and ending up repeatedly refreshing Facebook or something equally stupid. Incidentally, our resident tutor has finally instituted a rota for clearing the trash. That was why he called for a kitchen meeting this afternoon, which I didn't attend because I was on my way to church for practice before the evening service. Thought Chernise's talk was excellent.

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