Friday, November 18, 2011

Episode 1152: Seriously, Four Recalls In 24 Hours?

Just polished off my review of Caged: Memoirs Of A Cage-Fighting Poet and sent it off to Scott. I also have a new supervisor (Ross Forman), and new ideas about my dissertation. Going have to do a lot of reading to start putting it all together though. The impetus for that has partly been having holds placed on books that I borrowed at the start of term and haven't really read until now, which led to four recalls in 24 hours. I've already returned two and placed my own holds on other copies of them, which I'll hopefully get before the end of term. I'm going to photocopy the relevant chapters from one more, and with The Postcolonial Unconscious, I'm going to try and finish reading the whole thing by the new due date, which is next Friday. Probably can't do the photocopying thing until I've read the whole book, and then only if it turns out that specific chapters are relevant, rather than passages being spread out throughout the whole book. Highly suspect it's going to be the latter though, purely by nature of the book's project, which is to provide a reconstructive critique of the field of postcolonial studies.

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