Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Episode 1142: This Story Has Legs

Concerns about the story were mostly to do with worldbuilding details and the in-universe story logic, though Phil (a fellow science fiction buff) pointed out at the end that most of the 'gaps' didn't strike him as such because he'd assumed they'd be filled in eventually as the story carried on. Nonetheless, everyone else was also right, and there are, while I wouldn't call them inconsistencies, kinks that need ironing out in order to make the story's internal logic watertight. The good thing is that there's plenty of material to flesh out, and it doesn't all have to be crammed into the space of the two chapters I've got so far. I'll probably add a short prologue before the first, just to give the basics of why humanity had to leave Earth for Safehaven, with further details spread among the rest of the story. Not sure if all the questions people raised can be answered in the space of the portfolio's word count, but I should be able to at least address some and signal that the rest will eventually be beyond the portfolio's confines. I've taken to thinking of the plot in terms of arcs like on a TV season, and I'd say right now, I have enough elements seeded to get through an initial 13-episode order, with potential to go even through the back nine.

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