Thursday, November 10, 2011

Episode 1144: Reading Loads Today!

Stayed up past 3 am to finish reading David Moody's Hater. Completely impulsive decision, but I'm glad I did it. I think Hater is one of those novels that packs a greater punch when read straight through in a single sitting. I've decided though, that I'm not going to start on Dog Blood until the third book in the trilogy is released because I don't want to have to leave myself dangling upon finishing the middle book of the trilogy! (Same reason I haven't read Autumn yet, as Gollancz have begun reissuing Moody's subsequent books in that series.) Anyway, since the only show I'm actively following that aired a new episode yesterday was American Horror Story, I'm using the freed up time to catch up with Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother. I'm also catching up on my reading for review work. Have read a couple more chapters of Cameron Conaway's Caged: Memoirs Of A Cage-Fighting Poet, which I'm hoping to finish over the weekend as this review for The Cadaverine is long overdue. Then there's a short story collection Richard just forwarded me to review for Sabotage Reviews, and a new collection of poetry from John Kinsella that Craig posted me a few days ago. (My previous review for Rum & Reviews Magazine hasn't gone up yet though, so the latter isn't as pressing, I guess.) Also found time to read the new issue of Cake that arrived today in the post. Loving the green cover for the Key Lime issue! For a literary magazine that comes out once a year though, I kind of wish the issues contained more material. At £5 excluding postage, Cake feels a bit pricey compared to magazines like Popshot Magazine (especially with its illustrations) and The Warwick Review.

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