Friday, November 11, 2011

Episode 1145: Ditto (I'm Impressing Myself!)

Much as I love listening to Thomas Docherty during Friday morning EN974 seminars, it was nice to have a lie-in instead. I also managed to get more reading done today, a comparable amount to yesterday. Two days in a row, one might almost think I was becoming studious. Have got through another five chapters of Caged: Memoirs Of A Cage-Fighting Poet, so I'm on track to finishing the book on Sunday. Also dealt with today's submissions for Eunoia Review, which included one from a starving writer in Hollywood. (You know that was bound to arrive, sooner or later!) So now I'm moving on to the handout for Monday's Theology Reading Group. If I finish that as well, I'm going to start on the readings for Neil Lazarus's EN904 Problems and Modes in Postcolonial Literature seminar that I'm auditing just for next week. It all looks like it'll be very relevant to my dissertation, so I'm actually quite looking forward to both readings and seminar. There's just a lot of reading to do for that, and they're all interrelated, so it's kind of necessary to read all of them to make sense of the issues, which I might add are ones that I've never really examined closely during the course of my study of literature.

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