Monday, October 31, 2011

Episode 1134: Halloween Horror Night!

Got to hear Adam L. G. Nevill, David Moody and Gary McMahon read at the Halloween Horror Night in the Arts Centre earlier. (Lovely meeting Jane again as well!) Bought Nevill's The Ritual and Moody's Autumn, and got them signed too. Moody's series is currently being reissued in paperback through Gollancz, which is one of my favourite imprints, so I'm excited to start reading that as they're released over the coming year. Interested to see how the series compares to Mira Grant's ongoing Newsflesh trilogy, another zombie series that is very strong on portraying survivors rather than focusing on only the zombies, which Moody pointed out is what keeps the genre from sinking into cliché. Nevill's work reminds me more of something like Mark Z. Danielewski's House Of Leaves in the psychological aspect of its horror. The new novel from Gavin James Bower, Made In Britain, also arrived in the post today. I loved Dazed & Aroused, and so far, this second novel is working for me too. Particularly like the way the story's told through three characters, their narratives touching and slowly intertwining. Going to try to finish that by mid-week, and then get on with Julie Bertagna's Exodus.

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