Thursday, October 13, 2011

Episode 1116: Where's My Story?

Okay, the traffic surge seems to have stopped, but it did take the journal past 25000 views. Have put off writing my story for EN978 all day, only to realise in the evening that I was actually meant to have sent it in on Tuesday. This is what I get for not actually reading e-mail attachments! So now I'm trying to turn the idea that I had for a story last night into something that can be workshopped. Except I'm having trouble taking it from concept to execution because the thought that I need to target the writing at a younger age group is getting in the way of my thought process. Guess I'm just going to wing it eventually and hope for the best. The rest of the day wasn't a total waste of time though, as I finished reading Frank Cottrell Boyce's Millions for next week's EN978 seminar. Didn't get to re-read the Montaigne for tomorrow though. Just realised that the translation I read online was by Charles Cotton from the 17th century. No wonder it felt weird! The M. A. Screech translation for Penguin feels a lot clearer to me, but that's partly also because I'm now reading the essay for the second time, I guess.

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