Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Episode 1121: I Change My Mind!

The books I ordered have finally arrived, as well as my graze box! Was beginning to get worried there. Would've e-mailed the Post Room if nothing had showed up today. (Randomly, the notification cards are no longer blue but white or yellow instead, and collection is now in a separate section of the building.) Anyway, reaction to my story during this afternoon's EN978 seminar was generally positive, with the main complaint (if you can even call it that) being that the story left people wanting to know more. The feedback was really helpful, and I can see how the story could be fleshed out to easily double its current length or more. So now I'm again in two minds about which module to audit. I mean, I really enjoy the ideas on EN974, but I still can't see how I'd go about writing an essay for that, and if I've got a solid idea with my story that I can run with, putting together the portfolio is basically going to be a lot less difficult. That would in turn leave me more time to do the reading and research for my dissertation. That's the plan at least! Have till the end of the week to actually make up my mind because that's when EMR closes, but I guess this latest development (i.e. people liking my story) pretty much decides things.

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