Sunday, October 02, 2011

Episode 1105: Settling In...All Over Again

Moving all my stuff into my Heronbank room was surprisingly less of a hassle than I'd expected. Even collecting the stuff that was in storage was made easier by an obliging taxi driver, who pretty much helped me carry most of my boxes. So here I am, all unpacked. Now I just need to get rid of the boxes, although it seems such a shame, since they're all still in perfectly usable condition. Well, at least the recycling point isn't too far away. Heronbank, by the way, is lovely, especially the ensuite bathroom. The season finale of Doctor Who is insane by the way, and not in a good way. It tries to wrap up all the loose ends, going way back to our first encounter with River Song, but in so doing, it also channels the worst thing about TV/film, which is having twists for their own sake. Now the whole of Season 6 just feels like it was shoehorned into a superficially elegant narrative arc that would lead to this finale. Except all the subtlety is gone. Rose's 'Bad Wolf' motif was so much better. Heck, even the cracks in the wall from last season were better. The Silence? Very interesting to begin with, but once they started getting explained, I couldn't help thinking the whole thing was more and more ridiculous and disappointing. On the other hand, I greatly approve of the season premiere of Merlin! This epic Facebook comments thread between me, Lizzie and Nick Marshall (found here) should explain why clearly enough. Time for bed now, even though I still haven't watched the newest episode of Wild Boys. Had nearly forgotten I have an experiment to do at 1 pm!

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