Monday, October 10, 2011

Episode 1113: First Amazon Purchase In Ages!

Was chatting with Naomi before today's seminar, and we agreed that EN974 last Friday was pretty intense. Like I said, I'm giving myself another week's worth of seminars to decide which one I'm switching to auditing, between EN974 and EN978. The only thing that's holding me back is that I don't really know what kind of essay I'd write for EN974, whereas EN978 would just be a portfolio of fiction plus commentary, which I'm used to putting together by now. I still can't help but have misgivings about writing for a younger audience though, despite stating a preference for the older end of the age spectrum we're dealing with in the module (which sort of shades into early 20s anyway). Ah well. I'll figure it out eventually, like I always do. I've finally got around to ordering those books that I've been meaning to since before I flew back here. Have yet to find out where my mailbox is though. Might have to go explore the other entrances in North Court. Next thing to figure out is how to walk to the laundrette in East Court without having to trudge into the open, which should technically be possible since Heronbank North and East Courts are actually joined together. Just a matter of working out which corridor(s) to wander down! Probably do that on Thursday. Also, I can now bake my frozen fish and chicken from Iceland because I have oven gloves. So thanks John!

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