Sunday, October 23, 2011

Episode 1126: iOS 5?

Catching up on TV now, while reading Coventry Patmore's 'Prefatory Study on English Metrical Law', which I actually found more tolerable than the Poe stuff on prosody that I read before I went to London. Still, tomorrow's seminar isn't looking promising, that's all I can say! (Unless everyone really lays into Poe and Patmore, and their pedantry.) Also updating my iPhone to iOS 5, so here's hoping it doesn't go dramatically wrong. Re-read Koh Jee Leong's Payday Loans on the coach back to Coventry, and was once again struck by how much a big part of why I like it so much has to do with the fact that it's a sonnet sequence. Sonnets with lots of full rhyme, by the way. These days, end-stopped rhyming is sometimes seen as being in poor taste. Ditto using an 'old-fashioned' form like the sonnet. I for one would be happy to see the New Formalism consolidate its hold on Anglo-American poetry. It's about time the pendulum swung away from the excesses of free verse. Haha! I say all this as a poet who doesn't even write in strict form all that much, although I do in fact have a particular soft spot for sonnets and wish I could write them with greater facility.

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