Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Episode 1108: Fridge/Freezer Space Claimed!

Went down to church to help Sarah key in some data for Kidz Klub. Then I went back onto Central Campus to hand in the card with my MA option choices and pick up my NUS card, before doubling back to Cannon Park for groceries. Now have the bottom compartment of the freezer staked out, which I don't feel guilty about because it's half the size of all the other compartments. Fridge space is a bit more problematic, but it's okay, since all I need is somewhere to put my cheese and Innocent smoothies (and cherry tomatoes). Now it's just a matter of maintaining approximately the same amount of food and drink, so that I don't lose the space I've claimed. Haha! Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening catching up on TV, when I really should have been reading Montaigne and Descartes for Friday's EN974 seminar. I've started on 'De l'expérience', and I'm definitely going to be able to get through it and Descartes's 'Discours de la méthode' tomorrow afternoon. You know, sitting in Costa, sipping an overpriced blended coffee. On second thoughts, it might be too crowded. On the other hand, I want to go back to Iceland/Tesco to get some snacks, and more of that canned chicken in white sauce that takes three minutes in the microwave, and there's a Costa outlet in Cannon Park!

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