Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Episode 1115: New Visitor Record!

Just took out a subscription to The White Review, as part of my goal to start reading more literary magazines. Also finally did my laundry today, but it wasn't without incident. A defective machine ate up £4, which I'm going to get refunded tomorrow, thankfully. (Randomly, also finally managed to get rid of the housefly that's been buzzing around my room.) Had forgotten, however, how quickly the campus laundrettes get things done. A full cycle of wash and dry takes just under one-and-a-half hours! In other news, the spike in visitor traffic to Eunoia Review that began yesterday saw the site get 293 visitors today, which is nearly a 50% increase on the previous high in August. I think it may be because I had two followers retweet my tweet about this week's new work, one of whom has more than 2500 followers. The rise in traffic seems like it's holding steady into tomorrow (the 24-hour cycle follows Singapore time because that's what I set it to), so this week may even end up setting a new record in itself. One can hope! I'm really just happy that more people are reading the work that goes up on the site.

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