Friday, October 21, 2011

Episode 1124: More People Should Watch The Vampire Diaries (It's Really Very Entertaining, I Promise!)

I guess I've never really noticed it before, but practically every episode of The Vampire Diaries is insane. In a good way. (Incidentally, a line like 'Really? You think I'm gonna let a blood addict tell me how to drink?' is definitely why everyone should have vampiric drinking buddies.) My only complaint at the moment is how awkward Bonnie's character has become. She's become little more than the go-to witch when you need a spell to randomly fix something, although I suppose with more ghosts popping up, she's hopefully going to become more relevant again. (I always thought her relationship with Jeremy was plain awkward, especially since I liked his character better with Anna.) At least her spells sound cooler than those on The Secret Circle, which are just a tad lame, being a handful of words that the circle chants over and over again until the magic happens. Just in general anyway, The Vampire Diaries has been schooling The Secret Circle on a weekly basis. I don't think Nick's death last week on the latter is going to have quite the same impact that Vicky's did on the former back in Season 1. Honestly, The Vampire Diaries is the kind of show that could get away with stuffing three game-changing cliffhanger scenes into its last five minutes (like this week's episode). Alongside Community, I think these are currently the network drama and comedy that are criminally underwatched.

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