Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Episode 1107: First One Bites The Dust...

Re-read the MA handbook because I was still confused about what exactly is meant to happen regarding dropping modules for people doing a dissertation. As far as I can tell, I should be able to do both my Spring Term modules, provided I drop something this term. Since EN973 apparently counts for my Critical Theory requirement (which wasn't made too clear on the department website. if you ask me), I don't actually have to do EN974 Aesthetics and Modernity 1: The Question concerning Experience. I still want to though, so I'm thinking that I'll switch to auditing EN978, since there are a couple of people doing that anyway. I could just stop going, but then Lucy would probably kill me. I'm having fun reading children's books anyway, when I'm not trying to keep up with too many TV shows. Speaking of which, the first cancellation of the new TV season has happened. NBC has dissolved The Playboy Club, citing low ratings. Shame, I was just starting to warm to the show. At least it lasted one episode longer than Lone Star last year. Am back to doing administrative stuff for Kidz Klub starting tomorrow morning, after which I'm going to head to Tesco and finally claim some fridge and freezer space for myself! It's a bit too late for the fridge, to be honest, but the freezer still had completely empty compartments when I last checked, and based on eating habits from the last two years, I typically require freezer space more anyway.

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