Saturday, October 08, 2011

Episode 1111: New Hurts Fan!

Found a couple of EN978 books in the Schools Collection of the Library (thank goodness for postgraduate student loan limits!), so I might be able to put off going to the library in Coventry or Leamington for a while more yet. I'm still in two minds about which module I should switch to auditing if my dissertation proposal gets accepted, EN974 or EN978. The former is definitely going to be more of an intellectual challenge, and I'm starting to think I might relish that, but I also kind of picked the latter to avoid that in the first place. Choices, choices. Guess I'll be able to make up my mind after another week of seminars? One thing I don't have to make up my mind about though, is liking Hurts. Their debut album Happiness is one of the few where I like every track, and can listen to the whole thing without skipping tracks. Only other recent albums that have the same distinction are Simon Curtis's and Take That's Progressed EP. Reviews I've read so far have been lukewarm, but then I've seldom allowed my musical preferences to be swayed by reviews, or I wouldn't listen to some of the pop music that I love.

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