Saturday, October 15, 2011

Episode 1118: Yawn...

Went to the Heronbank and Lakeside Welcome Party, but left with one of my flatmates after the prize draw when the disco started. I guess as a postgraduate, I'm at that stage where I'm comfortable not feeling like I have to make new friends under such enforced social conditions like a welcome party. I mean, I'd be cool with making new friends, but it has to happen organically and have some better basis than living in the same hall of residence. Wasn't outraged like some people that you could only get beer, cider, soft drinks or wine for the free drink, though I was amused that the wine came prepacked in plastic bottles. Lizzie was crashing at mine overnight, and she was getting back from a shift at Kelsey's, so I came back to my room to watch Merlin and eat Vialli's instead, which was more entertaining than staying at the party would have been, I should think. Still perplexed by why my graze box hasn't arrived, as it was due on Friday. Maybe it's best just to cancel the deliveries altogether once this one has been sorted out. A delivery from Amazon UK should have arrived by now too, so I will be expecting a little blue notification card on Monday in the post box. Otherwise, something's gone really wrong with the Post Room on campus!

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