Sunday, October 30, 2011

Episode 1133: Sequence Almost Finished...

Have finally finished rewriting the first 12 sonnets in the sequence. Was quite pleased that one of them ('Industria') actually didn't require any revision in order to fit in with the 'story' of the revised sequence, not even to satisfy the internal pattern I imposed of having each poem contain some sort of reference to the sin/virtue of the poems that precede and follow it. I'd actually forgotten about this 'rule' when I was revising the 'virtue' sonnets, literally remembering only as I was walking back from Varsity to my room after dinner. Spent half an hour going through the five poems and fixing that, before heading to church for the evening service. Managed to come up with the last three lines of the next sonnet while in church, so now I'm trying to finish the whole thing before going to bed. Then that leaves just one more to go! Have recently discovered that this sequence is actually the perfect length for the Iota Shots competition, so if I can get my act together, I'm going to send it off for that. Claire's also just pointed me in the direction of Holdfire Press, which are accepting pamphlet submissions. Oddly enough, I definitely remember clicking through to their WordPress site a few months ago, possibly via a review on Sabotage Reviews!

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